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Expectations for Voice Lessons


Students are expected to arrive on time to each lesson. Lessons missed by the student because of illness or emergency will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time. In the case of illness, if the school is not notified before the scheduled lesson time, the lesson will be forfeited.  In the case of vacations, a maximum of 3 makeup lessons will be allowed and the teacher must be given at least 7 days prior notice.  Lessons missed by the student for any other reason are forfeited. However, the teacher may occasionally make up other lessons missed by the student if sufficient notice is given and if the privilege is not abused. All such make-up lessons are at the sole discretion of the student’s teacher.


Consistent, focused practice using the voice lesson as the model is expected of each student. It is often best to actually schedule in practice time and make it part of the daily routine. If regular practice is not met, the teacher reserves the right to discontinue lessons.  A keyboard to aid in practice at home is very important, especially as the student advances.

Lesson Behavior/Expectations

Students are expected to participate fully in the lesson with regard to exercises that are intended to aid in vocal production and improvement. No food, gum, or drink (except water) is allowed into the lesson. Disrespect for the teacher will at no time be tolerated. If behavior is not changed, the teacher reserves the right to discontinue lessons.


The student/parent is expected to purchase books and music required by the teacher. Photocopied music will only be made available in extreme cases (i.e., backordered or out of print books).