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Piano Lessons

Why are piano lessons at Kansas City School of Music the number one choice in Johnson County? It is because of our exceptional faculty and our comprehensive curriculum. When we hire a new piano teacher, we try to find the best teacher in Kansas City. That has always been our philosophy. Guided by a comprehensive piano curriculum, our piano lessons are then tailored to fit each student’s individual needs. Students at our school don’t just play piano; they excel at it.

Master Teachers

All of our piano instructors have degrees in music performance and extensive experience in music education, and they are dedicated to developing confident and passionate musicians. Learn more about our piano instructors here:

Scott Smith - School Director, Piano

Scott Smith - School Director, Piano

Scott Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Park College and has completed graduate work at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, Central Missouri State University, and Bob Jones University. He studied under Joanne...
Hrant Bagrazyan - Piano

Hrant Bagrazyan - Piano

Described by the Armenian Weekly as a “technical wizard” and a pianist of “rich emotions”, an award-winning pianist Hrant Bagrazyan explores repertoire ranging from Baroque era to our modern times. Being a native of Armenia, Dr. Bagrazyan also ac...
Rebekah Thompson - Piano, Voice, and Musikgarten

Rebekah Thompson - Piano, Voice, and Musikgarten

Rebekah Thompson is a piano and voice teacher at the Kansas City School of Music. She holds a Master of Music Education from Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree in K-12 Choral Music Education from Brigham Young University. S...
Shenwei Geng - Piano

Shenwei Geng - Piano

Shenwei Geng is a pianist, educator, and collaborator. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts in piano performance at the University of Missouri - Kansas City under the tutelage of Dr. Rosenkranz, where she was accepted with a full-ride...
Un Chong Christopher - Voice and Piano

Un Chong Christopher - Voice and Piano

Un Chong Christopher is a voice and piano teacher at the Kansas City School of Music. She holds a Master of Music in vocal performance and a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music....

Comprehensive Piano Curriculum

Our piano lessons are designed to train students in every aspect of the instrument and develop a solid musical foundation.  Our  piano instructors follow a curriculum that covers all aspects of sight reading, repertoire, piano technique, ear training, music theory, and musical interpretation. Each lesson will be customized based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their interests. 

Performance Opportunities

We know from experience that performing is a key part of fully learning an instrument. That’s why we offer many opportunities for our students to perform a variety of styles and in a variety of settings. We hope you’ll join us for one of our upcoming recitals.  Additionally, students systematically progress through 24 levels of curriculum ranging from beginner through advanced, and must pass an exam at each level. These exams will ensure that they are confident and prepared going into each performance.

Exceptional Facilities

At Kansas City School of Music, we have two locations for your convenience: our Lenexa campus and our Overland Park campus. Each facility has soundproof walls, temperature control, and professional quality instruments, including both digital and acoustic pianos. Our state-of-the-art facilities are an important part of our standards of excellence.

Keyboard Ensembles

Our keyboard ensembles offer a great way for students to learn in a group setting and work  collaboratively with other musicians. We create ensembles based on the students’ age and ability level so that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow as a musician. These groups offer an enriched musical experience that enhances their experience in private lessons.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is crucial to a young student’s success. Our piano instructors here at Kansas City School of Music are happy to offer you advice and guidance for getting involved with your child’s music education. We require parents to sit in on lessons if their student is in preschool or elementary school. Visit our parental involvement page to learn more about this.


Admission Requirements

Expectations for Enrolled Students

Transfer Students

If you have any questions about our piano instructors or piano lessons, please contact Kansas City School of Music today.