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Voice Lessons

Voice students at the Kansas City School of Music receive comprehensive instruction from our exceptional faculty. We accept children and adults of all ability levels. Lessons are tailored to fit each student’s needs. In addition, instructors guide students through the use of a comprehensive vocal curriculum developed by our voice faculty. Our students don’t just sing; they excel at it.

Advantages to Voice Study at Kansas City School of Music

    • Master Teachers
      There’s no understating the importance of having a great voice instructor to teach your child. Our voice instructors at Kansas City School of Music don’t just teach the fundamentals, they help their students realize purpose through musical expression and create a lifelong love of learning. Each of our voice instructors has extensive experience in music education and performance as well as a passion to pass a love of music on to a new generation of talented students. View our instructors’ biographies below.


    • Performance Opportunities
      Performing is a crucial part of the learning process when it comes to music. At Kansas City School of Music, we offer a wealth of opportunities for your children to perform in a professional setting. Visit our calendar page to see what upcoming events we have going on.


    • Exceptional Facilities
      The quality of facility won’t necessarily impede your child’s ability to learn music, but it can certainly make it more enjoyable. Kansas City School of Music has two locations for your convenience: our Lenexa campus and our Overland Park campus. Both of our state-of-the-art facilities have large and spacious practice rooms, soundproof walls, temperature control, and much more. All of this contributes to our high standard of excellence and allows your student to focus on mastering their musical talents.


    • Successful Singing
      Becoming a successful vocalist depends on your child’s ability to master the fundamentals. The goal of our voice instructors is to establish these fundamentals and ensure that your student is ready to practice on their own. We also have a heavy emphasis on vocal health and parent interaction. Breathing, phonation, resonance, versatility, diction, and musicianship will all be taught and mastered through our voice lessons. Additionally, parents are encouraged to get involved in their students learning. Whether it’s sitting in on lessons or assisting them with practice at home.


    • Voice Lessons for Young Children
      Many parents are under the impression that they shouldn’t start their children with voice lessons too early. However, young children between the ages of 5 and 13 can see enormous benefits from voice lessons, especially from a great voice instructor. Our teachers will create a custom plan for them based on their age and ability level. If you have any questions about our voice instructors or voice lessons, please contact Kansas City School of Music today.



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