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“Scott is more than a piano instructor. He is a true friend whom our son respects greatly.”

When we moved to Lenexa 14 years ago, in my search for a piano instructor for our 7 year old son, I found Scott Smith at the Kansas City School of Music. We will forever be grateful we found Scott. His dedication to training young minds in the art of piano is more than exceptional.

Scott is an uncompromising, devoted individual who is committed to training your child. He expects effort on the child’s part and parental involvement in your child’s learning. Lessons with Scott are calm, not rushed, and he is kind and patient with children. He makes lessons fun, has a great sense of humor, and will let your child choose music that he or she may enjoy. Our son had two previous years with two other piano instructors outside of Lenexa prior to discovering Scott, so we know the difference a solid teacher can make.

If you are considering learning piano, or any other musical instrument, my husband and I highly recommend the Kansas City School of Music. Music training, particularly piano instruction, does a great deal for training young minds intellectually. Our son was trained by Scott Smith for 10+ years until high school graduation, of which he graduated as valedictorian, and is now preparing to graduate from Kansas State majoring in computer engineering and minoring in mathematics and information systems as an “A” student. I state these things not to boast in any way, but to suggest that your child can do the same with perseverance and proper training, particularly in piano.

The other instructors at KC School of Music were also very good. We had met with two other instructors occasionally if Scott was ever unavailable, on rare occasion.

One more note I’d like to mention: Our son is engaged to be married next year, and when I was preparing a guest list for his fiancé, the only person our son said that he wanted added to the list was “Scott Smith.” This speaks volumes. Scott is more than a piano instructor. He is a true friend whom our son respects greatly.

Tammy Larson Hill