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Comprehensive Piano Curriculum

The Kansas City School of Music piano curriculum is designed to give students the foundation they need in all areas of music. Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill in 12 different areas:

  • Repertoire
  • Technique
  • Scales and arpeggios
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Music theory
  • Sight reading
  • Music history and literature
  • Ear training
  • Practice technique (approach, methods, skills, etc.)
  • Creativity
  • Transposition
  • Performing

Students systematically progress through 24 levels ranging from beginner through advanced, and must pass an exam at each level. Each exam covers all areas of the curriculum. Students are expected to demonstrate superior musicianship, exceptional performing skills, proper technique, and knowledge of musical concepts.

Benefits of our comprehensive curriculum:


  • Motivated to work toward achieving short and long term goals
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment in reaching those goals
  • Experience all aspects of a thorough music education
  • Learn to play in many different styles and genres
  • Equipped with the skills and knowledge to become independent pianists


  • Experience the pleasure of seeing their children achieve goals
  • Easily follow the progression of the lessons through the curriculum proficiency sheets provided by the teachers
  • Become a part of their child’s music education
  • Feel confident in providing help to their children at home


  • Provided with resources to structure lessons
  • Provided with accountability to avoid gaps in instruction
  • Have the freedom to tailor the lesson to the individual student

Nowhere else in the Kansas City area can you find such a well-developed, well-rounded program for piano instruction. Countless hours have gone into the development of the curriculum to ensure success for students and teachers. Come see for yourself how this program will strengthen your child’s knowledge and love for music.